Lesson Summary

The Codependency Cure: Self Love Breakthrough is an online event that aims to empower participants to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and educate others on silent crippling disorders. Here is an overview of what you will gain from this event:

  • Module 1 - Overview of self-love from 8AM-9AM:
    • Exploration of the meaning of self-love
    • Importance and significance of self-love
    • Understanding self-love as the first and best love
    • In-depth look at what it truly means to love oneself
  • Module 2 - Childhood trauma recovery from 9AM-10AM:
    • Identification and impact of childhood trauma
    • Discussion on attachment trauma and its effects on physical health
    • Insight on how childhood trauma is linked to various disorders
    • Video session on trauma by Ross Rosenberg
  • Module 3 - Understanding codependency from 10:15AM-12PM:
    • Definition and categories of codependency
    • Exploration of SLDD anorexia
    • Video session on codependency by Ross Rosenberg
  • Module 4 - Self-esteem exploration from 12:30PM-1PM:
    • Understanding self-esteem and its significance
    • Signs of self-esteem pillars
    • Discussion on confidence and meditation importance
    • Definition and importance of setting boundaries
  • Module 5 - Personality disorders examination from 1PM-2PM:
    • Identification of narcissistic-borderline, sociopaths, and psychopathy
    • Types of narcissists - grandiose vs. covert
    • Insight into toxic people and their traits
    • Video session on personality disorders by Ross Rosenberg
  • Module 6 - Pathological loneliness exploration from 2:15PM-3:15PM:
    • Understanding the fear of being alone and feeling abandoned
    • Exploration of triggers and withdrawals related to loneliness
    • Insight into why individuals stay in situations of pathological loneliness
    • Video session on pathological loneliness by Ross Rosenberg

By attending the Codependency Cure: Self Love Breakthrough, participants will gain valuable knowledge and insights into self-love, childhood trauma recovery, codependency, self-esteem, personality disorders, and pathological loneliness.

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